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The Birds

Label: 16Pound Rabbit 2013

Style: Ambient Drone

As evidenced in Psycho, there is no such thing as a safe haven, be it an intrusion behind a shower curtain, or an invasion into the privacy of one’s home via a chimney-descending cyclone of flurried activity. The film largely focused on Melanie Daniels, a high-flying socialite played by the young Tippi Hedren, although the feathered flock of birds really stole the limelight. The unexplained series of attacks seemed to occur as soon as she arrived in the bay with her gift of lovebirds. An innocent flirtation which promised a blossom of romance had suddenly turned into a very frightening experience. We will never know if the arrival of the birds acted as the catalyst, or if it was an attack on her previously lavish lifestyle. Influenced by the film, AJ Nutter has captured the very essence of the atmosphere Hitchcock so wonderfully created, setting the scene as an alternative soundtrack to the film. Nutter’s love for Hitchcock’s vivid cinematography and the colourful aura his films still possess is clearly evident, and it makes for a highly effective backdrop to the film. The air of menace found in the film is similarly found here, permeating the threatening atmosphere with brooding drones. The imagery the music creates could easily fit with Hitchcock’s clever use of camera positioning, direction and cameos. Nutter’s music carries the similar, foreboding feel throughout, but he remains out of sight unlike the director; it’s very much a dedication to the film and not an indulgent work, and Nutter’s own camera work transitions effectively from the screen to the sound wave, reeling off on the projector of the camera-eye.

The rising tension could be cut with a knife, which Hitchcock did so abruptly in the infamous shower scene of Psycho. Striking above all else in The Birds was the lack of any soundtrack, which was critical to the mounting tension. The screeching and cooing of the incoming birds made for their own soundtrack, leaving silent, powerful pecks on the bay. The only fluttering of melody in the film echoed repeatedly out from the schoolhouse, sung by children. The threat was a natural one and the silence reflected this, but Nutter’s soundtrack is just as chilling.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    -A Closer Listen


AJ Nutter released a 10-inch vinyl double-sided LP via 16 Pound Rabbit, featuring hand-dripped wax on the jacket. Influenced by Alfred Hitchcock‘s film, The Birds, Nutter created a musical composition that reflects his admiration for the horror film classic.

Limited to a 100 blue vinyl LPs, most interesting to Hitchcock fans and soundtrack enthusiasts. 

Seed of the transformer.jpg

Seed of the transformer

the Gettysburg address

Label: 16Pound Rabbit 2011

Style: Dance, Pop, Sampling

Sitting around the Duke Street apartment late one October night, members of 
the artist collective 16 Pound Rabbit, unconventionally derived their band 
name for their newest project, The Gettysburg Address. Victor Rivera, Jenn 
Blaisdell, and AJ Nutter contributed their ideas on posits, 
which covered the wall where they sat. With the use of an online band 
name generator and brainstorming, it boiled down to two names. A few days 
later it was decided and Seed of the Transformer came to life. 

The project began in Jenn's Grandmother's (Gram's) house. Gram had been in 
the process of moving, and with over 6 decades of life in the house, Gram 
accrued a lot of items. Out on a photography adventure, AJ and Jenn went to 
Gram's house, not only to help move some boxes, but in hopes to catch 
something interesting on film. As they were helping out, they found a box 
with old medicine and toiletries, nearly 10 years past their due. In that 
box was a cassette tape featuring an audio tour of the Gettysburg battle 
field. An out of print 80's cassette was too good to pass up. It begged for 
an artistic reworking from the members of 16 Pound Rabbit. 

And so the project began. Ripping the narration from the tape, AJ created 
dance beats on his computer and fused both the narration and beats into a 
melting pot of experimental electronica. As the songs began to be produced, 
the project took shape. Each of the songs represent a portion of the 
battle; General Robert E. Lee and President Abraham Lincoln would be 
just a few to have their own songs. The Gettysburg Address resonates 
as a history lesson of one of the most memorable battles of the Civil War.


Released on limited edition cassette tape.

Three Editions, Blue, Green, and Red. 

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Blank Silhouette

the last stand

Label: aj nutter records 2008

Style: Indie Rock

Blank Silhouette is a collaboration between two friends Chris Ruppert and AJ Nutter started in the summer of 2004. Chris had written music for a song that later went on to become \"The Last Stand\". He sent the song to his friend AJ to listen to whom in turn took the song, wrote and laid down vocal tracks for it. This is how Blank Silhouette came to be.

The Album \"The Last Stand\" was originally recorded in just one week in early 2004. The album was never officially released, until years later. The Last Stand features an array of music styles \"We didn\'t want it to be limited in what we could create with this Project\", says AJ. \"Chris is very talented when it comes to the writing and creating music\". Chris Ruppert has worked on many music projects including his own solo work Memewar. This features the singing talents of Graham Prouse. 


Other Releases

i want nothing.jpg

I want nothing

Label: aj nutter records 2008

Style: Pop, Rock, Experimental

drexil hill.jpg

Power of Trust

The Drexel Hill Session

Style: Hip-Hop, Rap


Mr. Banga


Style: Hip-Hop, Rap, Gangster Rap

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