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Video Branding

Video is the wave of the future. Facebook as well as other social media platforms now push video over images and text. Looking for creative ways to advertise and market you or your company? Looking for a way to really stand out in the community?

Retro Fest Branding sample

Working along with Retro Fest Rockabilly Weekender and Car Show in developing a branding and strategic video campaign, leading up to the day of the event. Pushing heavily on video advertising, we have developed a multi video campaign. Featuring Jay Vintage on screen in different scenarios talking about Retro Fest. Each Video is tailored to a different event or focus of Retro Fest. They are also timed for release over a six month period. Filmed in a fun, comedic and yet playful style.

Retro Fest Video 1:

A introduction to Jay Vintage, and Retro Fest

Retro Fest Video 2:

Pushing the importance of dressing in vintage for Retro Fest. Introducing Black Kat Kollectibles Vintage shop that is an official sponsor of Retro Fest. Also referencing the Vintage Fashion Show at Retro Fest.

Retro Fest Video 3:

Pushing the Saturday Car show at Retro Fest. With slight mention of the Pin up Competition.

Retro Fest Video 4:

Focusing on the Indoor events and Vendors at Retro Fest.

Retro Fest Video 5:

Featuring The Lancaster Host BBQ.

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